Kickstart Employability Services

Fintech Talent Solutions, a proud partner of The Power 50, an approved Government Gateway, are please to offer participating Kickstart Scheme clients ‘Employability Support Services’ to help prepare the Kickstarter for their next career move.

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One Hour Career Session Webinar and handy guide to takeaway include:



  • CV Preparation overview – what a good CV looks like (the do’s and don’ts) and a quality successful presentation format
  • Job search methods and techniques
  • Interview Skills training – competency based interview methodology, interviews questions and answers including, skills techniques & a toolkits

3 hour one to one career coaching and video consultation to include:



  • CV review and preparation – to prepare and update their CV including their new kickstart placement skills and experience they have learned and a cover letter template
  • Interview skills training, practice and tips

                Expert qualified training & coaching experience provided

                                                  £500 per Kickstarter

If you would like to arrange to schedule your Kickstarter Employability support                                       please contact us using the form below: